AR-10's come in .308 caliber and coming soon we will also have the 6.5 Creedmor

The 308 comes with the following standard options:

18" Parkerized barrel

A-2 Muzzle break

Omega stock kit

15" Keymod/M-lock Hand guard

10-round magazine

1 solid color

Soft case

Please inquire if you would like to upgrade any of the above options.


All standard AR's come with fixed 10-round magazines as is required by law.
Upgraded guns with removable magazines will come with a Thorsten stock, capped barrel, and will not have a pistol grip, to remain compliant with NYS law.


All guns sold to New Jersey residents will have a fixed stock, capped barrel, and 10-round magazine, to comply with NJ State law.


All guns sold to Maryland residents will come with heavy bull barrel as required by law.

-This is not intended as legal advice and individuals should check with their local state laws to ensure compliance before purchasing-